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What Does a UX Consultant Do and Why You Need One Right Now

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So you’re launching a new business online! Creating a kickass website is the way to go, but, have you thought of a strategy for what happens when the website is working well but people aren’t buying anything from you? A strategy for figuring out why the website is beautiful but still it’s not converting into a sale from your visitors.

In a scenario like this, your product or website may not be at fault, but a larger cogwheel of the system called user experience (UX). This area is something that could make you feel overwhelmed if you’re not prepared and equipped with an in-house UI UX design team. 

And even when you are, it could become difficult to picture and execute. 

This is why there’s a need for a UX Consultant out there, and probably at your business as well. Let’s take a look at who a UX consultant is and how your business can benefit from hiring one.

The UX Consultant

UX design consultancy

This new colloquial term UX consultant is a fusion of UX Designer and Business Consultant. 

So it means to bring forth skills of a traditional UX designer who focuses on the product and service being designed as a long-term solution as well as skills of a business consultant, who has a greater understanding of how your website design is received by the audience and the impact it’s creating on your overall conversions. 

A UX consultant helps you gain deeper knowledge of customer needs and their personas, audits your applications and websites, builds prototypes, performs usability testing, creates a roadmap to implement user experience strategies for your business’s growth.

A UX consultant also engages with and educates your in-house UI UX team, if there’s any. 

Benefits of a UX Consultant by your side

Better Conversions

Better conversion online

If your website doesn’t have the right user experience which fits with your business vision. Your visitors will have a hard time committing and converting to paying customers. People will simply leave and shop from your competition. And you don’t want that, do you?

This is the major reason why brands and companies are on the lookout for a UX consultant.

In order to avoid potential customers leaving and banding with your competitors, you need a UX consultant by your side who can identify issues with your website in terms of usability, user experiencem, and even internet’s favorite result-page-cow SEO. 

Once you see the implementation, your conversion improves and even boosts to levels you hadn’t seen before. 

Lesser Complaints

Customer complaint user complaint

Nobody’s perfect, not even Apple’s amazing user friendly website. There will always be customers who are going to complain and crib about every other thing, but there is a way to reduce that in large numbers if you can identify issue-causing areas before they happen. 

And here’s where a UX consultant fits like a jigsaw, or a tetris brick. 

Once you’re not wrapped in complaints, you can better utilize that time and do something better, which is working on improving the ground-level or basics of your business. 

Increase in ROI

Increase ROI

Your UX consultant is going to help you see ahead and find metrics that share more than relevant insights about the areas where your business is hurting, and where it’s shining. Finding out each can be useful since you can now focus on making the good thing better and fixing the bad ones to bring it up in the shelf.

Better Usability

A UX consultant can ensure that your website is more usable by making it easy to use, organized, faster and maybe even guide the team in a better direction to improve its aesthetics, which the design team is always passionate about.


As we’ve discussed, hiring a UX consultant is crucial for your business. Now, how do you find the best UX consultant for your company? One who has years of experience in the UI UX design area as well as expertise in UX consultancy, along with a kickass portfolio and amazing strategic planning.

Thinking of this description someone does come to mind, it’s us! If you’re looking for a UX consultant, we’re the right fit for you. Check out our work, look at the services we offer apart from UX consultancy and let’s get started with making your product’s impact larger.

Confetti Design Studio is an award winning creative design firm based in India. We work with companies around the world by providing them premium design solutions ranging from product design, web design & graphic design. Contact us right now so we can get started on your amazing idea and project.

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