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Avoiding Common Branding and Packaging Mistakes Made by Startups

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Mistakes are inevitable, especially when you are proceeding with anything for the first time. And, if it is something as big and mattering as a startup, one is bound to dread committing mistakes. Among the many parameters, it is crucial for a new business to pay attention towards creating a strong brand and appealing packaging to capture the attention of people at large.

However, lack of knowledge and experience make several startups slip into daunting mistakes that can hinder their growth and success. This is why wise entrepreneurs prefer availing services of a reputed and promising branding consultant in India. Such experts can help you in keeping mistakes away and build a bold brand in the market.

You can also read this article to know commonly done mistakes and how to avoid them, ensuring your startup’s branding and packaging efforts are effective and impactful.

  • Not having a brand strategy

One of the biggest mistakes startups make is failing to develop a solid brand strategy. You should not be proceeding with no branding technique; nothing will begin working on its own without a full-proof tactic. Not having planned out your branding will only lead to a waste of resources. A lot of factors go into the finalization of a branding concept.

Tweak the brand in a way that connects with your target market, its core values, your business goals, and so on. Take the time to define your brand’s personality, values, and unique selling points. If unsure, get in touch with an adept branding consultant in India who can build your brand in the best possible way for customer conversion.

  • Ignoring the preferences of the target audience

A person getting into a startup usually puts in so much of their ideas that they forget to take note of the choices of the target audience. The result is that people are unable to relate to the branding and packaging of such a startup. Avoid making the mistake of ignoring or misunderstanding your target audience’s preferences and needs.

You can conduct surveys to understand your target audience and then use the collected info to develop your branding and packaging strategies. Take into account factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, and more. Kids usually prefer fancy styles and vibrant colours. You might want to keep the packaging eco-friendly for customers who practice sustainability.

  • No room for storytelling or connectivity

People automatically get attracted to a brand or product that has a story to tell. Yes, storytelling is a powerful tool for building emotional connections with customers. However, most of the startups fail to leverage storytelling in their branding and packaging, missing out on an opportunity to engage their audience on a deeper level.

Undo this mistake by developing a compelling brand narrative and incorporating the same into your packaging design. Share the story of what motivated you, how the idea of your brand came, the overall values of your brand, etc. to create a more meaningful connection with customers. Seek help from an efficient packaging design company to capture everything beautifully and precisely.

  • Going ahead with a poor packaging design

Your packaging will reflect the attractiveness of your brand, and a poor design can negatively impact your startup’s image. From text to logo, everything will be crucial. Avoid complex or confusing logos that are difficult to read or understand. Try to get a logo that reflects your brand’s personality and values while being visually appealing and memorable.

People have questions and your packaging should share details like instructions, ingredients, nutritional value, and other necessary information depending on the kind of product. Also, avoid overstuffing or overcomplicating your messaging. Buyers may not like jargon or technical terms that they may not understand. Keep it simple yet informative.

  • Forgetting the usefulness of a packaging

Packaging is a wide term that covers not just how the cover of your product looks but also how much utility it offers to the buyers. Sometimes, startups put all of their ideas and innovation into the designing part that they forget to notice if the packaging will be futile for buyers. For example, glass packaging might seem elegant but will be risky for children.

Henceforth, you must ensure that the packaging design is not just gorgeous to look at, but also worthy or useful to have for a buyer. People nowadays look for travel-friendly packaging where the product will not consume more space in their luggage. Do not forget about factors like spill-free, product freshness, and so on.

  • Copying a competitor or not achieving differentiation

Consumers have never-ending choices for each product and service nowadays. So, if your startup does not stand out of the box, it is most likely to get lost in a crowded marketplace. Failing to stand out can lead to your brand being overshadowed and forgotten. This is why you must focus on differentiating your startup from competitors.

Identify what makes your startup unique and emphasize those aspects in your branding and packaging. Highlight your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and communicate it effectively to your target audience through comprehensive packaging and branding. People will be more likely to pick something different from other products on the shelves.

Apart from these, some other minor yet mattering mistakes can be choosing a poor colour scheme that does not match the values or personality of your startup. The most common example is that green colour implies a vegetarian product while red is for a non-vegetarian product and you must not interchange these. Too big or too small typography can also be a problem.

Key takeaway

These are some of the mistakes that startups make generally while finalizing their branding and packaging. The crux is that you should aim for a better user experience (UX) through your branding and packaging so that people feel welcomed, resonated, and attached. You do not have to take all responsibilities on your shoulders as a newbie. Contact a professional and innovative packaging design company to ensure that your branding and packaging leave a strong and positive influence on your target audience.

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