Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% startups
Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% of startups

Unleash your Brand's Full potential with our strategic, design-driven approach.

You Have Only 50 Milliseconds to Make the First Impression, So Get It Right!
Confetti has been designing brands that communicate, leave an impact, capture attention, and eventually create a positive brand image with a strong reputation.

You Have Only 50 Milliseconds to Make the First Impression, So Get It Right!
Confetti has been designing brands that communicate, leave an impact, capture attention, and eventually create a positive brand image with a strong reputation.

24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed

What sort of advantages can having a distinctive brand strategy bring to your business?

Every business aspires to be recognized for the unique contribution it brings to the market since each one is unique in its own way. Our brand strategist will blend these qualities with the guiding principles and character of your business because they are aware of what your target audience values in a brand.

Brands Identity

Your brand guidelines' visual components can be used to help you communicate your brand identity to the target market you have in mind.

An edge over rivals in the market

A larger amount of recognition will come your way if you work more to build your brand. When compared to other well-known companies, this recognition will help your business stay ahead of the pack.

Customer Appreciation

If you market yourself well and make yourself known to your customers, they will be far more inclined to choose your brand than something they are unfamiliar with.

Keeping the trust of our clientelle

Businesses are able to gain the target audiences' loyalty through excellent corporate branding, which lasts a lifetime and continues to inspire faith in succeeding generations.

Facilitating the Launch of New Products

It is considerably simpler to get new products onto the market once your brand has developed a devoted following. This is due to the fact that your customers will usually be looking forward to these fresh offerings.

Enhanced Credibility and Reliability

With the aid of enhanced credibility branding services, you can establish reliability, brand awareness, and consumer loyalty. A reliable brand will be directly related to their target market's ease of purchase.

Our Branding Process

Branding strategy

As a pioneering branding company, Confetti runs a careful assessment of your brand’s values, mission, vision, and objectives to align them into a messaging strategy to ensure the brand expresses its identity itself.

User persona

Each customer has unique needs and wants. With a deep understanding of your targeted user’s behaviour, our creative branding agency builds a user-centred point of view to drive the finest design.

Market research

We offer comprehensive market research services to help businesses gain insight into consumer behavior and market trends. By utilizing advanced research techniques and analyzing data, we can help companies make informed decisions and increase their chances of success in their respective markets.

Visual design

At Confetti, we specialize in creating visually stunning designs that effectively communicate your brand message and attract your target audience. Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to ensure that your design needs are met and exceeded.

Featured Branding Case Studies

Branding for The Works Interiors

The Works Interiors is an interior design studio offering a full span of exciting interior design experiences, ranging from the smallest bespoke furniture unit to an entire spatial execution. We helped in revamping their visual identity to increase brands visibility in market and scale up the project they deal with.

Brand Identity design for Turkish luxury Skincare Brand

Baaris is a high-end luxury skincare brand that makes serums, oils, toners, etc. that are derived from ancient Turkish remedies. We built a complete visual identity for scratch.

Brand Identity design for Blockchain oriented Startup: Cryptograd

Cryptograd a cryptocurrency based e-learning platform aims to bridge the gap between Crypto and its users. We helped them design UI/UX for their app which is consistent and allows smooth onboarding for users.

Brand Identity design for North American marketing ageny : Killjoy

Killjoy is a North American marketing agency. With the use of a bright and colorful palette to reflect the fun and playful nature of the company & with fonts and graphics that are all modern and stylish, we made Killjoy a cutting-edge gaming platform that is approachable and fun.

Why Is Confetti the Best Fit for Your Goals

A brand is not just a logo or slogan

Your product might be forgotten, but your brand will remain in the customer’s mind. So our creative branding agency shapes your brand as per your customers’ attitudes, desires, and habits.

We provide branding service for companies of all sizes

Our corporate branding is available for companies of all sizes. No matter in what sector you want to create a unique identity, our design encompasses a set of feelings to delve into your business objectives.

Create a positive image for your brand

The more positive and inspiring your brand is, the wider its reach will be. So kindly connect with our digital branding consultant to manage all the best points of your company, which could be expressed through branding.

Save your brand from becoming stagnant

Confetti wants your brand to spread like a wildfire which is only possible with intelligence- infused designs that provide people a sense of achievement and your company branding become a topic of talks.

Hiring a Freelancer or Full-Time Designer? Think Again.

We maintain a Golden-Standard of design for all our clients!

Unlike a freelancer or full-time designer, we work with our clients as partners. We don’t just seek “approval“ on our designs. Instead, we go way beyond to make sure the designs we create are significant and enjoyable for the end user!

What makes our Brand Design Company the Right Fit for You?

Handpicked 1% of Talents

Unlike other design firms, we focus on acquiring only the top 1% of talent in the industry. This helps ensure us that we bring the best creative individuals who drive new ideas.

Agile Development

Our Branding design experts participate in frequent scrum events to stay agile in order to guarantee the quality and on-time delivery of mobile app design solutions. The solutions are aligned to your business and accelerate time-to-market.

Flexible Engagement

We understand how crucial of a role engagement model plays for businesses. Through our Branding design services, we offer you a fixed bid approach and a time and materials model for flexible project outsourcing.

100% Confidentiality

Not many Branding design firms can offer this but while working with our clients we always ensure that all intellectual property and research used for your project is only used for your product.

Our Clients Love Us!


Modern Products Built Using Modern Tools & Technologies

UI/UX Design Tools

UI UX design tools that a designer uses represents the nuts and bolts of a design. It helps in communicating the functionality, focusing on the user and turning an idea into something visual and interactive.

— Figma

— Adobe XD

— Sketch

— Lunacy

Prototyping Tools

We use an array of prototyping tools to combine visuals, navigational elements, and interactions that that helps clients visualize the product in use.

— Figma

— Protopie

— Principle

— Invision Studio

Graphic Design

As versatile designers, we use a number of Adobe and other tools for graphic design needs in order to ensure visual consistency and make things fun.

— Adobe Photoshop

— Adobe Illustrator

— Adobe Indesign

— Adobe After Effects

Video Editing and Motion Design

In the digital space when it comes to video editing and creating amazing motion designs for your products, we use industry-standard tools which bring perfection.

— Adobe Premiere Pro

— Da Vinci Resolve

— Final Cut Pro

— Rotato

Collaboration Tools

Daunting tasks become a cakewalk when you collaborate. This is why we use collaboration tools to make it quicker and simpler for designers to receive comments and and get approval for professional artworkl, without anything getting lost in translation.

— Figjam

— Miro

— Invision Studio

— Zoom

— Slack

Project Management Tools

With the aid of a project management tool, we easily create a hierarchy of tasks for timely and successful completion. We use it to show which tasks depend on one another and which actions are sequentially performed. In turn, this facilitates the team’s ability to complete its task.

— Notion

— Slack

— Zoom/Google Meet

— Google Calendar

— Calendly


A branding agency finds that expression in a company that becomes its voice, builds relationships with its audience, and ultimately gets empowered with fur