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Unlisted Assets: Web App

UI/UX Design: 2022-Current

Unlisted Assets is a leading platform facilitating buying, selling, and exploring unlisted shares in India through a transparent and secure process, leveraging intelligence and technology for a seamless transactional experience. We are designing their responsive web app and empowering them to help their users buy unlisted assets with an intuitive and user-friendly product!

The Challenge

The main goal of this project is to create a multi-device MVP to empower various users to trade shares for unlisted companies in a transparent and seamless escrow environment.

The second goal is to create a smooth experience so as to increase conversions of investors from offline to online trading.

Solving For It

Transactions on a fintech product like Unlisted Assets can be very huge, hence investors mostly like to use the web application. We, therefore, follow a bespoke web-first approach, where we first create the platform in web size, and then rearrange it for smaller sizes.


Since this is a fintech product, we conduct numerous discovery calls regularly with the financial and legal team to understand the various obligations. This is an extremely important part of the process so that we do not violate any regulations of the industry.

We are given new features to design on a regular basis, and since the product has been launched very recently, we are always on the move to test and rectify the platform regularly, and complete these design tasks on very tight deadlines.


The ideation phase for the various features includes brainstorming over draft ideas. Our extensive UX expertise comes in play as we are supposed to take care of absolute seamlessness while also ensuring maximum functionality.

Design and Implementation

After ideating, we are required to convert our draft ideas to final screens using our comprehensive design system to ensure maximum consistency throughout the platform.

We also work very closely with the development team and conduct UI Quality Assurance tests regularly to retain maximum functionality and aesthetics.

We aim to resolve any design related issues the same day.

Design System

The UI design process started with creating a consistent design system which included a cohesive system of buttons, typography, color palette, modals, etc.

The purple and navy blue colors are a bold choice for the brand. This makes the product stand out from competition, and also evokes a sense of luxury and trust.

Unfolding As We Go

We keep reaching out to our user base regularly to identify and solve for the problems they face while making unlisted trade. This helps us be on top of the issues and work around their respective solutions!

Problem Statement #1

Where To Invest ?

  • Most general investors are unaware of the trading procedures for unlisted shares.
  • Financial information needed to trade unlisted shares is not readily available to general investors.Transactions can be expensive and subject to fraud.

Our Solution

  • The platform classifies the listings based on their performance and the user’s risk profile, so that it’s
  • easier for investors to make a choice.
  • Financial reports of all the companies listed on our platform are displayed for the general investors.

Problem Statement #2

Lack of Transparency

The standard trading procedure for unlisted shares usually includes a middle-man who buys these shares and then sells them further. This takes away the transparency from the process, and investors may be prone to fraudulent pricings.

Our Solution

We created a transparent system, where the buyers can directly reach out to the sellers and buy stocks based on their requirements. The platform ensures that all trade is carried out based on the average industry price of the stocks.

More On The Platform


We use prototypes to test out the feasibility of each new feature that we design. This helps the stakeholders review it in real time, and hence gives a much better idea of the functionality and usability.

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