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How to Create a Packaging Strategy that Sets Your Startup Apart

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With uncountable people having spectacular business ideas to implement, it can become a bit difficult to make yourself stand apart from the rest of the others. One can still have a few changes and points of differentiation in making the product, but the real challenge comes up in setting the packaging apart from that of other businesses dealing in a similar product.

The thing about the packaging is that it does not circle around only to good-looking features; it covers a lot many other things. For example, the packaging is also responsible for protecting the product during transportation and storage. It can also impact customer retention and repurchases because of its quality and product-saving capability for the buyer.

Thus, one should not risk such a crucial task with an amateur, and should rather trust this job with an efficiently adept brand design agency in india. Such experts know the challenges and integral components for a successful outcome and can thus prove to be the best choice for your product’s packaging.

For knowledge purposes, find below some delivering tips on how to create a packaging strategy that sets your startup apart.

Know the expectations of the target audience

Experts say that the first step in weaving a great packaging strategy is to understand your customer needs. Know your target market well and especially about their preferences. For example, if your product is primarily for the millennials, you might want to consider eco-friendly packaging because this generation is actively vouching for planet sustainability. Similarly, if your target market is luxury consumers, you might want to consider high-end packaging materials to convey luxury.

Analyze your competition and differentiate yourself

Researching the target audience will not be sufficient; you will also have to study your competitor’s packaging. You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering something unique through the packaging. You can include a combination of mixes like different materials, colors, shapes, or designs. Skipping this step may result in packaging similar to your competitor’s which eventually may create confusion among the consumers and people may end up buying the competitor’s product instead of yours.

Include functionality wherever possible

One of the most useful packaging strategies is emerging to be more focused on functionality. Packaging is no more just about wrapping a product; it is also turning out to be a way of adding more functionality to the product for the consumers. You should ensure that the packaging is capable of protecting the contents of the product from spillage, damage, deterioration, etc. during transportation. Adding locks to the lids, pumping heads for liquids/ gels, travel-friendly size, etc. are some other functional ideas for packaging.

Enhance the overall appearance

Attractive packaging design is more likely to catch the attention of potential customers and make them choose your product over others. Especially, if your product is catering to an audience that is more about the visual appearance, you will have to design the packaging creatively to look at. For example, children are very specific in choosing bold colors and loud designs. A brand design agency in india will not only help you in achieving aesthetically pleasing packaging but also create a positive first impression of your product.

Broaden your spectrum to eco-friendliness

It is not just because of the millennial audience that you have to keep the packaging eco-friendly. It is also every business’s responsibility to incorporate sustainable options wherever possible, including packaging. You must see how your packaging strategy is impacting the environment and take action if necessary. Focus on using eco-friendly materials while aiming reduction of packaging waste. For example, packaging made from recycled or biodegradable materials can be your step towards planet health.

Lay down close estimates of the costing

You can have n number of fantastic ideas about packaging but the problem of insufficient funds for the implementation stage can ruin everything. A very significant principle for a good packaging strategy is that it should also be cost-effective for you. Consider the cost of the materials, design price, manufacturing expenses, and other costs that may go into packaging. But always remember to not compromise the quality of packaging in the effort to lowering down the overall cost as poor quality will discourage sales.

Put your packaging to testing

Sometimes the packaging may come out everything good till the implementation stage, but it may need some tweaking after the testing phase. This testing can be a good way for you to notice if there is still some scope for innovation or differentiation. Ask the hired brand design agency in india to test your packaging before launching in the market at large. You can even get feedback from a small section of real users and bring about the sought changes to meet the expectations of a larger audience.

Balance modifications and consistency

It is often a tussle where an entrepreneur is unable to decide whether the packaging should go under a revamp regularly to offer something afresh often or the packaging should remain consistent because consistency attracts loyalty. Yes, people seek new things but you should allow modifications in packaging to an extent that does not confuse consumers and does not hit brand loyalty. Any change in the packaging may also require aggressive marketing so that people know about such changes. So, be wise and try to be consistent.

Think about special packaging

Exclusive packaging for special occasions can be a great packaging and even marketing strategy. You can create a sense of anticipation and excitement around the product with such packaging. For example, you can enhance the packaging around festivals so that consumers find them a perfect fit for gifting purposes. You can also customize the packaging for couples, anniversary packages, or other events according to the purpose of your product. Such an approach can make your product stand apart while also increasing sales.

For more interesting ideas, you should consider getting in touch with a competent and creative brand design agency in india. Their designers will certainly come up with something wowing for your product and overall business.

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