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Top 10 Food Packaging Design Transforming the India FMCG Industry

Food packaging design plays a crucial role in the Indian Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. It not only preserves the freshness and quality of products but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. In recent years, there has been a revolution in food packaging design in India, with innovative and eye-catching designs making a significant impact on consumers. Here are the top 10 food packaging designs that have transformed the Indian FMCG industry.

Amul Butter

Amul’s iconic butter packaging, featuring the Amul girl, has been a staple in Indian households for decades. The design’s simplicity and nostalgic appeal have helped it maintain its popularity.

Tata Tea

Tata Tea’s packaging, known for its vibrant colors and images of tea leaves, has effectively conveyed a sense of freshness and naturalness to consumers.

Maggi Noodles

Maggi’s packaging design is instantly recognisable, with its bright red and yellow colors. The packaging emphasises the quick and easy preparation of the product, making it a household favourite.

Haldiram's Snacks

Haldiram’s has become synonymous with quality snacks in India. Their packaging uses traditional Indian motifs and vibrant colors to evoke a sense of authenticity and nostalgia

Paper Boat

Paper Boat’s packaging stands out with its nostalgic illustrations and storytelling. It brings back childhood memories and appeals to consumers’ emotions.

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Lay's Chips

Lay’s has adopted various packaging designs that showcase local flavors and regional diversity, making it relatable to a wide range of consumers across India.


Saffola’s packaging is designed to convey trust, purity, and health consciousness. It follows a clean and minimalist style that aligns with its focus on a healthier lifestyle. The packaging prominently features the brand’s name and a heart symbol, emphasizing heart-healthy products. The use of soothing colors like green and yellow creates a fresh and natural feel. It often includes visuals of heart health, fit individuals, or natural ingredients, reinforcing the commitment to wellness. The packaging provides essential product info, nutrition details, and usage instructions for informed choices. Overall, Saffola’s packaging is aesthetically pleasing and functional, effectively communicating its health message and building consumer trust.


Bournvita’s packaging is a blend of modernity and tradition, with images of active children and traditional Indian ingredients, reinforcing its position as a nutritious drink.

Dabur Honey

Dabur’s honey packaging highlights the product’s purity and naturalness with images of honeycombs and bees, appealing to health-conscious consumers.


Bisleri’s water bottle design is simple and iconic, focusing on the purity of the product. The brand has become synonymous with packaged drinking water in India.

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