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Gelatin Labs: Website

UI/UX : 2023

Gelatin Labs is a family owned photo development lab based out of New Jersey, USA that offers a wide array of photographic solutions for photographers of all levels.


  • Gelatin Labs provide custom solutions to amateur as well as professional photographers. They sell these services on their website through an e-commerce model.
  • Despite of providing 5-star rated services, their sales were extremely low compared to industry standards.



We conducted an audit based on both quantitative and qualitative information. The result of the audit could provide valuable insights for Gelatin Labs to make informed decisions and improve their business operations.

Insights from Audit

Competitive Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis to understand the market and Gelatin Labs’ position in comparison to its competitors. This type of analysis involves thoroughly researching and evaluating the competition in a particular market in order to gain a better understanding of the industry and the company’s standing within it. The results provided valuable insights for Gelatin Labs to improve their offerings and stay competitive in the market.

Insights from Analysis


User Persona

After data was collected from stakeholders, users, audit and the market, we started synthesizing and grouping it into patterns. We delved into user personas to understand our potential target audience to propose finer solutions.

Designing a responsive interface

Nearly 71% of Gelatin Labs’ audience uses mobile devices, while only about 28% uses desktop to access the website.
We ensure that the website works seamlessly on all device sizes, hence making it easier for the users to place their orders from anywhere.

Design System

We introduced colors, typefaces, and components that realized the ‘friendly and approachable” voice of Gelatin Labs.

Final Design

Mobile Responsive Screens

More than 70% of Gelatin Labs’ audience uses mobile devices. This makes it extremely important for the website to be optimized to display and function correctly on different sized screens, including mobile phones and tablets. Having a mobile-responsive design ensures that customers can easily navigate and make purchases on the site.

How we solved for the problems

Solved for our two target user groups


Amateur photographers did not like to customise their services too much.


We designed a checkout flow for both amateur and professional photographers according to the level of customisation appropriate for them.


This resulted in an easier customization process for both target groups. We observed that more users were relying on simplified flow as it was more assistive.

Designed a Seamless checkout flow

Problem : 3+ minutes to customize

The previous designs had illustrations and visual cues at each step. Their assumption was that this would make it easier for the user to customise.

But instead, this made the page heavy and resulted in adding cognitive load on the users.

Solution : Customization takes <1.5 minutes

We redesigned the customization flow using drop downs instead. They provided concise information and were easier to understand.


Switching to the drop down approach made the page lighter and reduced information overload on the users.


Releasing in parts

After the extensive process of strategising, brainstorming, and designing, we develop and release small versions of the website. This helps us keep track of the features that are being released, and gives us time to comprehend and analyse how users are interacting with those features. We design the next plan of action based on these insights.

Regular quality assurance tests

Once a new version of the website gets launched, we conduct comprehensive quality assurance tests on it to ensure the developed product matches the designed version.

Post release analysis

We use Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics to track user behaviour on the website on a regular basis.
Session recordings help us understand the sections of the website where users face issues, hence giving us the leverage to devise and implement correction strategies accordingly.
Google Analytics helps us in keeping track of drop offs, bounce rates, and incoming traffic. The insights further help us in understanding user behavior, and what works for them!


Increased Conversions

Our diagnosis and execution on the website led to an increase in conversions and reductions in drop offs within the first month of being live.

Improved website’s speed by 3X

We increased the website’s performance by almost 3x through tech optimisation and improved design architecture.
This ensures that the website loads much quicker, hence reducing drop offs.

Weekly Updates

We conduct weekly update calls with the clients and the whole team to discuss about the current plans of action and the next steps. This helps the client to track the progress, and helps us be on the same page as them regarding their business goals.

Where are we now?

We are building world’s first community based platform for photographers that provides a subscription for film developing and printing.

Client review

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