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STRAPP: Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity: 2022

STRAPP is a European gaming company that develops and releases mobile-based games for people aged 24-35.


STRAPP is popular among adults for their calming mobile games, something their users like to play while commuting or before they go to bed.

Most of their users are working men and women who just like to take a break from their busy schedule but do not want to invest in an expensive gaming console or intense mobile games.

They want to evoke a sense of nostalgia within their users. Their games remind these players of their childhood and the games they used to play with their friends in an offline world.

They want to ensure that their brand appeals to this target audience, especially when they display their billboards or present their kiosk in a video game or comic book convention like Comic-Con.

STRAPP Logo Breakdown
STRAPP Brand Color Palette
STRAPP Logo with people playing mobile games
STRAPP Logo on solid yellow background
STRAPP Card Mockup
STRAPP Logo Wordmark
STRAPP Poster on Wall Mockup
Strapp mobile phone

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