Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% startups
Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% of startups

Graphics That Fix Brand Situations for Better Impressions

We build brands and identities that form an everlasting connection with their audiences.

Industry-leading Graphic Design Services


At Confetti, we go above and beyond to create and position your brand identity so that it not only stands out from the crowd and competition but also establishes authority in your industry.

Packaging design

Our team of talented designers is here to help you create unique, eye-catching packaging that not only protects your products, but also reflects your brand identity and values.

Logo design

With a strong understanding of what makes a successful logo, we create designs are unique and memorable. In addition to our creative skills, we also offer consulting services to help businesses determine the best way to use their new logo.

Branding strategy

We help businesses to better connect with their target audiences. Through market research, we develop strategies that enable businesses to create a strong and consistent brand identity across all their marketing channels.

Featured Graphic Design Case Studies

The Works Interiors

The Works Interiors is an interior design studio offering a full span of exciting interior design experiences, ranging from the smallest bespoke furniture unit to an entire spatial execution. We helped in revamping their visual identity to increase brands visibility in market and scale up the project they deal with.


Baaris is a high-end luxury skincare brand that makes serums, oils, toners, etc. that are derived from ancient Turkish remedies. We built a complete visual identity for scratch.


Cryptograd a cryptocurrency based e-learning platform aims to bridge the gap between Crypto and its users. We helped them design UI/UX for their app which is consistent and allows smooth onboarding for users.


Killjoy is a North American marketing agency. With the use of a bright and colorful palette to reflect the fun and playful nature of the company & with fonts and graphics that are all modern and stylish, we made Killjoy a cutting-edge gaming platform that is approachable and fun.

Industries we’ve worked with

We partner with companies of all sizes across different industries to provide graphic design services


We create a cohesive and compelling visual language for fashion brands to effectively communicate their values and engage with their target audience.

Beauty and personal care

Professional and aesthetically pleasing designs that help establish a company's credibility and trustworthiness, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.


We help in making financial information more accessible and engaging to help attract and retain customers in fintech industry.


Crucial role in the gaming industry as it helps to enhance the overall player experience and attract a larger audience.


We provide design solutions to FMCG cpmanies by establishing brand recognition, effective product packaging, support marketing and advertising efforts, and more.


Create a great impression for your fitness brand from industry leading graphic design services at Confetti!

Hiring a Freelancer or Full-Time Designer? Think Again.

We maintain a Golden-Standard of design for all our clients!

Unlike a freelancer or full-time designer, we work with our clients as partners. We don’t just seek “approval“ on our designs. Instead, we go way beyond to make sure the designs we create are significant and enjoyable for the end user!



of all startups fail

*Most of these belong to the consumer
facing (B2C & D2C ) segment

Supporting Startups on the
Road to Success

Supporting Startups on the Road to Success

In today’s competitive business environment It’s critical to make sure you are one step ahead of everyone else. At Confetti, our aim is to use our knowledge of design and understanding of business to ensure that you always have an edge over your competition; so you don’t become a statistic.

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Why Is Confetti the Best Fit for Your Goals

We Know the Value of Good Design

Graphic design largely impacts what you see everywhere around you. Be it a digital web page, or a tangible pamphlet to your favorite fast food joint, graphic design is at the core of making these experiences enjoyable.

A good graphic design can elevate you and inspire you to take action. This is why we work hard to define our high-impacting graphic design process made uniquely for you and your business requirements.

Our Design Process isn’t set in stone

Any other graphic designer studio may think there is a single, all-purpose design strategy that can be applied to any project. Unfortunately, there is no universally applicable design.

We believe that a key component of graphic design is the process. If a designer lacks a solid strategy, they might be operating blindly.

And on the other hand, great user experiences can be created using a simple and clear graphic design approach.